Mixed Perceptions: Despite objective economic improvements, 58% of Americans believe Biden's policies have worsened economic conditions, up from 50% a year ago.

Economic Growth: Unemployment has dropped to around 3.5%, job growth has been consistent, and real wages are rising, creating an optimistic economic environment.

Perception vs. Reality: Many Americans feel pessimistic about the economy despite the data showing significant improvements.

Inflation: While inflation has eased from its peak, prices remain higher than pre-pandemic levels.

Gas Prices: Gasoline prices, being highly visible, contribute to negative feelings.

Unaffordable Housing: Housing affordability has plummeted due to high mortgage rates and low inventory.

Partisan Gap: Both Republicans and Democrats are critical of Biden's economic policies, with partisan views influencing perceptions.

Economic Outlook: Economists are revising growth forecasts upwards, with strong retail sales data and GDP growth expected.

Inflation Improvement: Inflation has reduced from its peak but remains elevated compared to pre-pandemic levels.

Challenges for Biden: Addressing economic concerns is essential for President Biden's re-election campaign.