The Sale of Beer is banned by the World Cup

Just few days ahead of the FIFA World Cup Matches

Eight Stadiums have banned all types of beers with alcohol

This step has been taken by the officials to focus on the sale of alcoholic beverages at FIFA Fan Festival

Where as Champagne, Wine, Whiskey and other alcoholic drinks are still expected to be served at luxury hospitality areas of stadiums.

Beer was the only alcohol beverage drink which was sold to regular ticket holders

AB InBev pays millions of dollars to buy exclusive rights to sell beer at every World Cup venue

They have already delivered majority of their stock from Britain to Qatar in expectation of selling its products to millions of fans

The Belgium-based brewer has faced uncertainty in recent months on the exact details of where it can serve and sell beer in Qatar

This sudden decision may seem extreme in the West, Qatar is autocracy governed by a hereditary emir, who has absolute say over all governmental decisions.