For someone who has just become a king, King Charles III seems to be in really bad mood

For the second time in just days, he hasn't been a king for a week yet

he expressed impatience and irritation over of all things a pen

This time in a signing ceremony in Northern Ireland for the start he forgot the date, he put the wrong date in 12th instead of 13th

13th September the date when queens coffin was bought Buckingham palace and he forgot

and when he was reminded he found that he had to correct the date with the pen that was leaking 

He couldn't stop himself, he said i can't bear this bloody thing they do it every stinking time... snapy stuff

That does mean of course that for the most historical signature written couldn't gets its pens right

but it means though the king thinks nothing of expressing his irritation publicly in strong language over petty stuff

We saw it earlier when he was signing the proclamation, at St.James Palace he pushed one set of pens impatiently to a side

And then asked for another to be moved with a very contemptuous way of his hand

The Queen was never for a moment seen as rude or impatient in 70 years. The King has now done this twice just in four days


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