In New York A Guy named Robert Samuel's job is to wait in a Queue & make money.

Isn't it sounds Very Simple. Do you know how actually this works out?

8 Years ago Robert was jobless & needed money for living.

One day he saw a rich guy who was standing in line outside an Apple Store.

Just to try out his luck in getting some money,

Robert asked the rich guy whether he can stand in line on behalf of him for $350

To which the rich guy agreed

It was the easiest money he ever made 

So on the next day, he repeated the same thing

Soon he hired his friends,

& started a company where they wait in Queue,

for people as a service

a lot of people used this service, not just for iPhones

but for shoes, cakes, restaurants

and even government applications

The company started by Robert Samuel is named as Same Ole Line Dudes, LLC