On 12th September 2022, Apple has released a new version of iOS 16 software update for iPhone.

This update adds up lot of features to your iPhone.

iOS 16 Software Update is received by iPhone 8 onwards.

Lets count on the new features found in the iOS 16 Version.

Edit & Unsend Messages in iMessage, Messages can be edited or unsend (called back) within 15 minutes. This feature is similar which we found in Telegram and WhatsApp.


Schedule Email, The mail app found in iPhone supports to schedule emails and the search function is also been updated.


Improved Group Texting with Android, Tapback reactions, like laughs and hearts, can be viewed between iPhone and Android.


Dictation Update, with the update the Dictation has been improved alot. Speak text, add punctuation and even emojis could be added.


Safety Feature, where in the user can turn off all services and app information from being shared.


Other extra feature includes, notifications control, lock screen customization, improved map and health apps.