These Points Will Convince You

Should You Buy or Wait

EV's comes with Great Performance

Performance comes with a high initial investment to buy the EV

EV's Qualifies for Incentives by the FED

As of today there are many EV's options available

But in Coming year more options will be available and will also come with improved technology

Home Charging Options Are Vast and Inexpensive

It Can be Tough to Own an EV if You’re in Multi-Family Housing

The Public Charging Stations Are Growing

Public Charging Stations Are Not Always Reliable

Charging Takes a lot of time

The Ranges of Electric Cars Are Improving

Range Can Change With the Weather Condition

Electric Cars Make Excellent Commuter Cars

Long-Range Travel Can Still Be a Challenge

You Can Take Advantage of Cheap Electricity

Public Charging Can Cost More Than Gas

EV's Have Lower Maintenance Costs

They are Green