Natalie Curtis, from Queensland, Australia had boarded on the Australian Airline Jetstar.

From Townsville to Bangkok, and it was having a layover in Singapore.

Curtis was offered a wheelchair to board in Singapore as she was disabled.

But on arrival at Thailand, she was instead asked for the payment to avail wheelchair.

To which Curtis straight away denied and instead started crawling to disembark from the flight.

This complete incident was been recorded on camera by her friend Natasha Efford who was also traveling along with her.

The Staff had instead offered to lift and carry her,

but Curtis was too afraid as if by chance they would have dropped her then it would have become more worse.

About this incident the officials of Jetstar told 7news that they never demanded money for wheelchair.

And they call it a miscommunication.

However the Jetstar offered refund and compensation to Curtis.

But Curtis has decided never to fly with Jetstar.