Paqui, the maker of the fiery "One Chip Challenge" tortilla chips, is voluntarily recalling the product after a teenager's tragic death linked to consuming one chip.

The chips contained the world's hottest peppers: Carolina Reaper and Naga Viper, and were packaged in a distinctive coffin-shaped box.

A 14-year-old, Harris Wolobah, ate the chip and later passed away, with the cause of death yet to be determined.

Paqui expressed deep condolences and decided to remove the product due to increased teen usage.

They are working with retailers to provide refunds for the single-serve "One Chip Challenge."

The challenge involved eating the chip, turning tongues blue, and enduring the burn without water or food, dating back to 2016.

Paqui acknowledged the tragic incident involving Harris Wolobah, expressing their sorrow and condolences to the grieving family.

The product's withdrawal was prompted by concerns over its popularity among teenagers, despite being intended for adults only.

The "One Chip Challenge" had been a viral sensation since its inception in 2016, attracting brave participants seeking to test their spice tolerance.

This tragic incident underscores the importance of responsible marketing and consumption of extreme food challenges, especially when it comes to products as potent as Paqui's "One Chip Challenge."