Get ready for a maze of NFL game broadcasts this season.

With the NFL season opener featuring the Kansas City Chiefs and Detroit Lions, it's time to map out your viewing strategy.

In the past, NFL games were on a few networks. Now, they're everywhere: NBC, Fox, CBS, ESPN/ABC, Amazon, streaming apps, and more.

Why the frenzy? The NFL is TV's golden goose, and media giants are betting big on streaming to secure their future.

Traditional TV is losing ground fast, but football remains a live viewing spectacle.

Networks like CBS, ESPN, and NBC are pouring billions into streaming services, showcasing NFL games, and even offering exclusive streaming-only matchups.

Last season, we saw three out of five NFL game packages available for streaming.

This year, the NFL Sunday Ticket moves to YouTube TV after nearly 30 years with DirecTV.

Plus, there's a streaming-only playoff game on Peacock and Amazon Prime Video's Black Friday game.

The NFL is the lifeline for TV networks, drawing in viewers and ad dollars.

So, expect Sunday Night Football on NBC and Peacock, National Football Conference games on Fox, American Football Conference games on CBS

and Paramount+, Monday Night Football on ESPN and ESPN+, and Thursday night games exclusively on Amazon Prime Video.

The NFL itself is embracing streaming with YouTube TV now hosting the NFL Sunday Ticket package.

As TV evolves, football remains a force to reckon with.