Man Gets Cheap Reward for Returning Lost $4.7 Million

A German Man by name Anouar G, returned a whopping amount of $4.7 Million Check to the Sweet Factory Haribo

While his journey on train to his home, he came across a check laying on the train platform

When he had a closer look, he found that the check was worth value $4.7 million which he couldn't believe

The check was issued to Haribo from Rewe a German Supermarket

This man reached out Gummy Bear makers to inform them about the check

The company asked him to shredder the check and requested him to send proof doing it

This man did what company said and also send them evidence

After few days of this incident, he received a supersize mystery box by Haribo

The box pack included six Haribo products as a thanks from the company

When Anouar complained that these treats aren't really worth for his action

The company defended and said it was a standard pack that they usually send as a thank you

The lost check had name printed, so none other than Haribo could have claimed it