Lamborghini’s LMDh Hybrid Car SPOTTED

Lamborghini’s LMDh is a new craze in town.

Recently Lamborghini’s LMDh has been teased on official Lamborghini Social Profiles.

With a teaser short clip, Lamborghini has also shared tech specs of its upcoming vehicle Lamborghini LMDh prototype car.

Lamborghini LMDh Prototype Car will feature a V8 Twin-Turbo Hybrid Engine.

Its been said that the V8 twin-turbo is a first racing engine which is fully developed by Squadra Corse.

It comes with HyBrid Power Unit containing an Internal Combustion Engine & an Energy Recovery System with Combo Output of Max 500 kw (681 horse power)

With Single Source ERS Kit, Lamborghini has deployed a 8-cylinder, 90 degree V-angle twin-turbo internal combustion engine.

The base car (spine) is engineered together with Ligier Automotive and carbon fiber elements.