In an emergency, you may not be able to call emergency services, if you're out of cellular and Wi-Fi coverage.

You'll have the option to use a satellite connection, to reach an emergency services provider instead.

First, you'll provide some information about your situation, for emergency services, and you'll see choices

to specify your emergency based on your answers.

Then your iPhone will guide you to connect to a satellite.

You may need to turn left or right for a successful connection.

The satellite connection requires a clear view of the sky, and the horizon and won't work indoors.

As the satellite moves, you'll be guided by your iPhone to follow along.

If you can, try to move to have a clear view of the sky. You'll automatically be connected

to the right emergency services provider.

You'll be able to text with the emergency services provider or with an emergency relay center,

Text Emergency

who will contact an emergency services provider directly.

Information about your situation, your location, and your iPhone battery level will be shared with emergency services.

Your Medical ID will also be shared if you have it enabled in Settings.

If your location changes, emergency services can get updated information over the course of the conversation.

You will be asked follow-up questions over text and will be able to send responses.

Messages going over satellite can take longer to send and receive than regular text messages,

so it's best to keep them as short as possible.

There may be gaps in satellite coverage, but you'll be told how long it will be

until the next satellite is available. 

Get help when and where you need it with Emergency SOS via satellite.

Availability may vary by region.