It's easy to keep your iPhone up to date, with the latest features and security enhancements.

Update Wirelessly

Before you start, make sure you back up your device, plug it into power and connect to Wi-Fi.

When there's an update available, you might get a pop-up onscreen

Which you can tap to start the update process

Or a badge might appear on the settings app icon on your home screen

To check for an update, open settings

tap general

and tap software update

You might have the option to choose between two available updates

If you'd like to continue using the version of iOS

That's currently on your device, you can still install important security updates for a period of time

Or you can upgrade to the latest version.

Now tap download and install

Then enter your passcode and follow any additional prompts

Your iPhone will then begin the update process

When the update is complete your iPhone will restart.

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