Bill Gates an American business magnate, software developer, investor, author, philanthropist and co-founder of Microsoft is also a Wordle Game Lover.

He have started playing the Game Wordle somewhere since February March.

And since then he has got addicted with the game.

After waking up the first thing he used to do is grab up his device and start solving the Wordle.

He also said he used to solve the quiz and discuss among his friends after completing the quiz and compare the score.

Every day you can ask your fellow Wordle fans, “Are you ready to discuss it?

If you haven’t done it, I’m not going to say a thing, because I could spoil it just by telling you one word was especially easy or hard.”

And by seeing who sends out their scores first, we know who got up earlier and who maybe stayed up too late the night before.

Bill Gates also shared his secret strategy that for first guess he start with a word which contains ots of vowels such as AUDIO or OUNCE